Bassnectar has a very interesting and unique problem that has plagued him for a ridiculous period of time. Due to some of his past cover art, a handful of people are convinced that Bassnectar is a member of the Illuminati. Bassnectar already responded to these rumors with a Facebook post in October but it seems that did not help very much. In a last-ditch effort he has responded to those assertions yet again with this post:

I am sitting here asking myself who could possibly actually believe that I am personally a member of “The illuminati” ….and i have come to the conclusion that if you think i am in anyway a part of the illuminatti then you are:

A. People 14 years old and younger
B. the Painfully Misinformed
C. desperately bored conspiracy theorists
D. all of the above
E. all of the above, except D

I don’t even personally believe that this secret society exists, and if it does, I am not a member, although to piss you all off I would become a member if i could. Then I would start spying on you, and doing creepy Immuniattish things like controlling your destinty and making you listen to EDM and stuff.