After 5 years, Daft Punk’s former manager Busy P and the Ed Banger label will be releasing their newest compilation, Ed Rec Vol. X. In a recent interview with In The Mix, Busy P talked about his vision for the release and the direction he wishes to take his label:

I don’t want Ed Banger to be a part of the EDM circus. I’m not a part of it. When I see Avicii and all those headliner DJs I can listen to their music once and know that I don’t want to be a part of it and this is where we mark our difference; we try not to be on the same festival and we want to do something different. I know that Justice could be doing all the headline festivals right next to Avicii and David Guetta but I don’t want that and I don’t think that is where we should be. I would rather do smaller gigs than play for 50,000 people with bad taste.”

If you have listened to Busy P, then this should not come as a surprise. The unique talent he has recrutied over the years is far from the progressive and electro house tracks dominating the current festival scene. With the Ed Rec Vol. X tracklist containing tracks from the likes of Justice, BreakbotMr Oizo, and Busy P himself, the release will be a fresh new take on dance music for those who are ready to embrace it.

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