Anyone feel like they’re attending the same scene every time they go to a show? If you’re tired of doing the same old thing week after week, then the new Supply events may be just what you’re looking for. Looking to create an entirely new atmosphere, the people involved in starting Supply wanted to bring a brand new experience for artists and event goers. Misawa, a local New York DJ, gave us some insight into the events:

Supply is a collective of artists, influencers, and friends aimed at connecting new music with new people. Our curated events will showcase local and international talent that we’re passionate about. There are no set times and no rules, which we believe will foster creativity and provide a unique dynamic between our artists and the crowd.

I’m not sure about you, but the words “no set times” really stood out to me. Artists are going to have more freedom to play music and fewer restrictions on their sets. Because of its rising popularity, dance music has been suffering recently due to club owners and hosts being focused on one thing: money.  We’ve seen countless examples of this within the last year. Whether it’s DJ Shadow or Tommie Sunshine getting kicked off the decks based on the VIP’s request, or set times at venues being held to strict 2 hour sets, money is the number one factor. This new movement seems to be taking dance music back to its origins and will focus more on the music and the atmosphere, rather than who has the most cash in their pocket at the end of the night.

The first installment of Supply will be held tonight (June 6th) in the basement of Tribeca Grand featuring JPatt of the Knocks. Support for the night will be a well-rounded group consisting of Jordan James, out of Australia, Griffin Camper, known for his Shark in the Dark parties in San Francisco, and Misawa. The event is going to be fun, creative, and give people a taste of what Nu-Disco, Deep House, and Indie Dance are all about – in a sweaty Tribeca basement. You can RSVP for the event here.