2012-2013 has been an interesting year within the world of Trance music. With the advent of Trouse music making its mark upon the scene, it has created a sort of mass shakeup within the Trance community. Trance purists are clinging harder onto their divine ideologies, artists are switching up their sound on an almost monthly basis and even the genres of Techno, Psy Trance, Breaks, Progressive House and more are slowly sneaking into the acceptance of the scene. Needless to say, there has been quite the commotion and chaos surrounding the core identity of Trance. What sound is Trance really? Where is the future of Trance going to go? And will all of these splintering of sub genres ultimately become Trance’s internal collapse? Nowadays, many events have been tailor made specifically for a certain audience in mind, whether its the strict 140 group to bass hungry fans to even people who don’t go to the music and just go for the atmosphere.

However, there is one group that has decided to implement a bold experiment. Limitless Music has been at the forefront in providing quality music towards its audience. They have already proven that with their massively successful Divergence night featuring the Tech Trance kings Bryan Kearney and Indecent Noise in New York City. And now, fresh off of their recent success, they have now created an event series entitled Trance United that hopes to connect all of these genres together under one roof. Rather than having all of these sub genres ruthlessly fight for the right to be proclaimed Trance’s true identity, they are instead united and states that all of these genres can co-exist harmoniously and will result in an amazing, visceral experience. Featured on the bill for the purists include artists Arctic Moon and Mark Sherry with both representing Uplifting and Tech Trance respectively. For those who want a grittier Electro side of Trance, Argentinian heroes Heatbeat will be making a very anticipated appearance. Progressive Trance artists Estiva and Nifra will also be representing the slower, more melodic aspects of Trance.

This event appears to be one of the biggest Trance events of the entire summer and if you are in the Northeast, it is definitely not one to miss. The lineup is one of the most impressive selection of artists seen and there is something for everyone who attends. This event will take place at The Loft at Studio Square in Long Island City in Queens, New York and is scheduled to take place on June 29th. Again, this is a lineup that is unheard of here in the States and is a must go for any Trance fans. Ticket information is down below on the link.


Tickets: http://tranceunited.eventbrite.com/#