45 minutes, 56 tracks, three aliases, one man. This seems to be the only way to describe this legendary moombahton mix put together by the one and only Ricky Vaughn. With his blood flowing at 110 BPM and his extensive arsenal of moombahton ready to go, producer and DJ Ricky Vaughn recently put together this stunning mix of his musical productions over the years, from Mr. Vega to Sazon Booya to his new persona Ricky Vaughn. He has released music under each of these aliases since 2011, and is currently launching his Ricky Vaughn career after the heated break up of Sazon Booya a couple months back.

I was truly blown away in the 45 minutes I spent listening to this mix, and I’m pretty confident that if this set doesn’t have you going crazy within the first few tracks, moombahton may not be your thing. This transition DJ mix was the perfect way for him to showcase his musical progression over the years, and in turn made me very excited for the new, unreleased music Ricky Vaughn has in store for the world. Be sure to give this awesome mix a listen below, and stay tuned for more Ricky Vaughn in the near future!


Mr. Vega Productions
1. Mr. Vega & Lazer Disk Party Sex – ATC Ft Otis Clapp (UNRELEASED DEMO)
2. Mr. Vega & O.M.F – Push Pit
3. Mr. Vega – Rasta Kitty (UNRELEASED DEMO)
4. Mr. Vega – Ape Shit Ft KO-Lition
5. DFace & Mr. Vega – FAMB
6. Mr. Vega – Gettin ATB
7. Teenage Bad Girl – Tonton Funk (ETC!ETC! & Mr. Vega Remix)
8. GIO Ft AGAG – Woop It Up (Mr. Vega Thunder Jungle Remix)
9. DFace & Sazon Booya – Let it Be (Dface & Mr. Vega Trap Revival Remix)
10. Mr. Vega – Cocaine At Webster
11. Mr. Vega & Heartbreak – Thai
12. Mr. Vega – Way To Win
13. Crookers & RVBRA – Pop That (Mr. Vega Rework)
14. TI – Go Get It (Mr. Vega Remix)
15. Mr. Vega – On The Grind

Sazon Booya Productions
16. Sazon Booya – Acuyuye
17. Sazon Booya & Willie Bones – Envenenar
18. Valid Like Salad (Sazon Booya Remix)
19. Sazon Booya & Anna Yvette – Secret Heart
20. Bro Safari & Sazon Booya – Danger
21. Sazon Booya & Mad Major Melvin – Major Booyahton
22. ZEDD – Shave It (Sazon Booya Remix)
23. Modabot – Sevillans (Sazon Booya Remix)
24. Megan Thomas – Stay Tight (Sazon Booya Remix) (UNRELEASED)
25. Sazon Booya – La Bomba
26. Tekken – Tekstep Fountain (Sazon Booya Remix)
27. ETC!ETC! & Sazon Booya – SHe’s The Bass Drum Ft Jay Jacob
28. Sazon Booya – Mis Armas Pt 1 & 2 Edit
29. Bro Safari & Sazon Booya – Quieres Sexo
30. Alvaro & The Party Squad – Wataah (Sazon Booya Remix) (UNRELEASED)
31. Sazon Booya – AutoCannonz Ft Khadafi Dub
32. Sazon Booya – In Your Eyes
33. Nelly Furtado – Big Hoops (Sazon Booya Remix) (UNRELEASED)
34. Major Lazer – Original Don (Sazon Booya Edit)
35. Sazon Booya – Impacto Ft Otis CLapp (DEEP VIP MIX) (UNRELEASED)
36. Nas – The Don (Sazon Booya Remix) (UNRELEASED)
37. Kat Dahalia – Money Party (Sazon Booya Remix) (UNRELEASED)
38. Icona Pop – I Love It (Sazon Booya Remix)
39. Mayra Verconica – Ay Mama Mia (Sazon Booya Remix) (UNRELEASED)
40. 2 Chainz – Birthday Song (Sazon Booya Remix)
41. Mr. Vega & Mystereo – lluvia
42. SPencer & Hill Ft Nadia Ali – Believe It (Sazon Booya Remix)
43. Sazon Booya – Oye Mami

Ricky Vaughn Productions
44. Ricky Vaughn – ATC Ft Otis Clapp
45. Ricky Vaughn Ft Otis Clapp – Dodge The Bullet (UNRELEASED)
46. Ricky Vaughn – Raggaton Spice
47. Ricky Vaughn & DFace – Save Me
48. Ricky Vaughn & Ricky Luna – Crazee (UNRELEASED)
49. Justin Timberlake – Please Dont Hold The Wall (Ricky Vaughn Rework)
50. Ricky Vaughn – Wild Thang (UNRELEASED)
51. Ricky Vaughn – IGNANT (UNRELEASED)
52. Ricky Vaughn – Smoke & Mirrors (UNRELEASED)
53. Ricky Vaughn – Catch Me (UNRELEASED)
54. Cedric Gervais Ft Howard Jones – Things Can Only Get Better (Ricky Vaughn Rework)
55. Trinidad James – I Need Mo (Ricky Vaughn Rework)
56. Pusha T – Numbers on The Board (Ricky Vaughn Rework) (UNRELEASED)