Ever since its inception last year, Indecent Noise‘s Mental Asylum Records has proven itself to be one of the core leaders in representing the true legends of the Tech Trance scene. Their unique, balls-to-the-wall Tech sound has culminated in the release of some of the most beautiful (and brutal) Trance releases today. This label seems like the perfect fit for upcoming Trance artist, Adam Ellis. Ellis has recently exploded onto the scene with his expertly produced remix to the all time classic of Planet Perfecto‘s, Bullet In The Gun and hasn’t showed signs of stopping ever since. Now, his coarse, gritty sounds have found a new home in Mental Asylum with the premiere of his upcoming remix to Matt Bowdidge‘s upcoming single, Still By Your Side. Matt is no stranger to this label, as he has had numerous singles and releases with his partner, Phil Taylor with their colossal Bowdidge & Taylor alias; and is also known for his incredibly unique and beautiful melodies. Ellis takes his melody and roughs it up, inflicting a no nonsense remix that relinquishes pure power and relentless brutality upon the listener.



Ellis starts with thumping basskicks, driving bassline and subtle, acidic and bleepy synths to add character. The first impression of the track is the unbelievably consistent percussion section: it is some of the cleanest, crispest percussion in any Trance track we have heard and it really adds volumes to the track’s distinct quality. Even though every portion of the beginning is subdued and clean, it still keeps that punch and drive to a high point, creating a great all around sound throughout the mix. The breakdown is where Bowdidge‘s melody’s really shine, as it harmoniously grasps for the heavens with its gorgeous main melodic line (supplemented by a lovely vocal timbre and assisting pads). However, things take a turn towards the technical side with a cool synth line collaborating with a energy ridden percussion section and flitting acid sounds. As it reaches a feverish point, a woman states the obvious question: “Is the reality somewhere?“. The drop consists of no fluff, no hearts and it isn’t a singalong either. Instead, Ellis unleashes a viciously terrifying synth line that slams any hope and dreams into the garbage bin. Mint percussion, rowdy acidic lines and white noise add jagged teeth to this synth line and clamps onto the listener without any hope of escape.

A truly powerful and intense release, this is an absolute must have for any Trance set. This may even be in contention as the most powerful Tech Trance track of 2013. Adam Ellis‘s remix of Matt Bowdidge‘s single, Still By Your Side will be released soon on Mental Asylum Records, so make sure you keep it locked to Your EDM for any future news updates.


Keep the music alive. -Q