Hard Rock Sofa recently release a preview for their upcoming remix of After Dark by Tom Staar and Style Of Eye. Being somewhat lukewarm towards the original, I came into this preview with somewhat low expectations. Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge Hard Rock Sofa fan, but the original is somewhat generic and feels a little too busy, jamming small complextro elements into an otherwise big room progressive song.

However, I am pleasantly surprised with Hard Rock Sofa‘s vision on this track. The melody has been retooled and the hook sounds much more “serious”/minor and ultimately much catchier than the original. The Russian duo dropped all the gimmicky frills and made a song that stands strongly on its melody. I think that honestly this remix outclasses the original and I cannot wait to hear the full track drop on June 17th on Wall Recordings. Listen below!


Style of Eye & Tom Staar – After Dark (Hard Rock Sofa Remix) [Preview]