Just days ago, French dubstep prodigy, Habstrakt, unleashed yet another brilliant release on Never Say Die Records. His latest effort, his Eat Me EP, features four original tracks that continue to emphasize what sets this rising talent apart from the crowd. The title track of the release, “Eat Me” is a pulsing fusion of genres that had me nodding my head in approval right out of the gate. Composed of a rhythmic foundation and a barrage of synths and percussive sounds, “Eat Me”, is a unique techy-hybrid tune that one would rarely expect to find on most bass music releases. The remaining three records of the release, lean more towards traditional bass music but fans of Habstrakt know that “traditional” is obviously not part of this frenchman’s vocabulary. “Take That”, “Bubbles” and “Rise” ┬áintertwine blaring synths and cacophonous samples to create darker tracks that personify all things Habstrakt.

Despite his age, Habstrakt has found a way to develop and curate his original sound better than many others in the industry. Although his music doesn’t conform to the ever so popular sounds of “brostep”, Habstrakt‘s ingenuity, dexterity and attention to detail within his productions are far more impressive . Stream and purchase the EP below. Enjoy.