Disclaimer: I like to write funny/fun articles. This isn’t one of them.

I’ll be the first admit to having one too many during a couple of my sets and making an ass out of myself. I’m definitely not alone in that, plenty of other artists have either performed sloppily or failed to play at all thanks to over-indulging in whatever substance or combination thereof. However, there are concerning signs coming from long time house artist Erick Morillo, whose recent and past actions point towards a serious problem.

This month alone, Erick, the mind behind the ultra-over-played classic ‘I Like To Move It‘, failed to show up for a gig in Long Island and had to be escorted off the stage during a show in Boston. Reportedly, Morillo was visibly barely functioning at Quincy, Massachusetts’ Ocean Club and before long had to stumble away, seeking help from his manager and security. At that point the show came to a grinding halt, raising serious questions before another artist could take to the decks. There has been no social media response from Erick or his team and it seems as though he has canceled shows up until the 29th of June.

This sort of behavior isn’t new to the Colombian DJ, in 2008 Morillo was arrested before a show in Scotland on charges of smuggling cocaine. A simple trip over to Google will reveal many, more stories and appeals about Erick than I can stomach to write about… Clearly, Morillo is in trouble, the depth of which is no laughing matter. Many of us have first hand felt the effects of addiction whether personally or at the hands of friends and family. There are few things worse, in my experience, than to lose a loved one to handcuffs or a body bag because of a gripping addiction. I like to write funny articles, but this isn’t one of them. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to draw a connection between club life, drugs, and EDM. Situations like Erick Morillo‘s can and do happen as a result of this lifestyle. It’s sad and frightening, but  to those listening this should be most of all, sobering.

As a personal appeal to Morillo, get help. There is nothing romantic about dying for a rockstar lifestyle. You have friends, fans, and family who deeply care about you. To continue down this path is to disrespect not only all of those people, but also to disrespect the long career you have built for yourself. Get better for friends, fans, and family, but most importantly get better for yourself. We support you in this.

UPDATE: Erick has now released a public statement about his condition and his hiatus from performing.

“There comes a time when the body just can’t keep up with the hectic schedule and sleepless nights. Having pushed my body to the limits for many years, the time has come to take a break and refocus my attention on my health and well-being. I plan on returning stronger then ever to my passion of playing music and seeing you dancing on my dance floor. Until then, I like to thank all my fans for your enduring love and support! Hope to see you soon. Erick Morillo”