For just shy of seven grand, Pilgrimage Clubbing Tours will take you on a cross continental US tour of, you guessed it… notable clubs. Now, the definition of a pilgrimage is a “journey or search of moral or spiritual significance,” (thanks wikipedia!), so I’m not quite sure that you could call a two week, high-dollar bender, a pilgrimage per-say. But nevertheless, this sort of thing inevitably appeals to a certain demographic of EDM enthusiasts, so I thought I would share.

The itinerary is jam packed with notable clubs and events such as Lavo Nightclub and a stop at the Marquee Pool Party as well as other distractions from drinking, such as Jet-skiing and shooting machine guns. Yes, apparently the organizers’ idea of a week long hangover cure is firing fully automatic weaponry, I can only assume the planners are the hardest of partiers, or have a sick sense of humor.

Personally, I have no interest in spending half of my yearly income for two weeks of full force, unapologetic hedonism. But, I imagine some of our readers might enjoy doing something like this, maybe like two or three of you, but still… Even if you’re the slightest bit curious you might as well head over to Pilgrimage Clubbing Tours website here. You know, just so you see exactly what it is that you’ll be “missing out on”.