Native Instruments has unveiled a tiny 2 channel controller dubbed the Z1 for upcoming release on July 3rd. As an avid NI fan I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spread the word on this itty-bittty mixer. The Z1 appears to be nearly identical to midsection of the more encompassing S2 controller; complete with 3 EQ-knobs and an integrated filter. NI has announced that an integrated sound-card will be housed within the Z1 however, no word yet as to precisely which NI card this will be.

Fittingly, the controller will be able to control both the iOS version of Traktor and the more popular Traktor Pro 2 computer platform. . Reportedly the Z1 will need to a constant power supply to function, which to me seems like an unattractive feature, although supposedly it will charge iPads through its hard connection.

Speaking as an S4 user, I am curious to see how DJ’s will utilize such a small controller that seems like it has a serious dearth of buttons. (Seriously though the S4 has enough doodads to keep me busy all day). Perhaps when paired with a pair of F1‘s the Z1 could prove to be a formidable addition to a DJ’s arsenal… But with a price tag of $199 those who already own an integrated platform might be apt to overlook this piece of gear.

I’ll keep an open mind however, as I am huge NI supporter and who knows maybe come July 3rd, we’ll be able to do a hardware review on the Z1

For more info check out Native Instruments‘ website here.