So you might wonder why we’re covering Kanye West? Well the response is simple, Daft Punk. Ok maybe not that simple, but it definitely contributes to our interest in covering Kanye’s recent album. So there you have it, as I’m sure you have gathered from the title, Kanye West’s highly anticipated album “Yeezus” has leaked. Slated for a June 18th release, you can hear Kanye’s new release right here. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

NOTE: You might have to refresh the page a few times to get the audio track to load up. For some reason zippyshare doesn’t always load all the tracks.

UPDATE: Apparently Kanye West “Gives no f*cks at all” about the album leaking.

Source: Mashable

1. On Sight

2. Black Skinhead

3. I Am A God

4. New Slaves

5. Hold My Liquor

6. I’m In It

7. Blood On The Leaves

8. Guilt Trip

9. Send It Up

10. Bound 2