Ashley Wallbridge is a 25 year old producer from Stoke-On-Trent and has been recently been touted as one of the biggest DJs yet to come. His debut album The Inner Me climbed the dance charts in 2012 and over the years his EPs dabbling in progressive house and trance have been creating a stir. His latest effort ‘Crush’ is his first release from LE7ELS and has previously been included in one of Avicii’s podcast from a few months back. This has generated a lot of interest.

With the usual booming, ‘big room’ sound and percussion that borrows from Nari and Milani’s Kendo, the tune seems destined to generate a lot of commercial appeal and become a possible summer anthem. There is something powerful about this record and it owes it all entirely to the uplifting hook. The sample of, “The number you have reached, has been disconnected,” before the track collapses into a growling four on the floor beat will make you smile. Ashley seems to fit quite well with his peers at LE7ELS.

Ashley Wallbridge – Crush (Original) [LE7ELS]

It’s out now. Get it on Beatport or have a listen here.

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