Progressive champion Michael Woods is back with a full vengeance with another brand new release on his own imprint, Diffused Music. Woods has been known as an innovative artist throughout his career, as his unusually clean and multifaceted productions breathing new life into the Progressive House genre. Such notable examples of this fact include the infectious Platinum Chains and the hard hitting collaboration with Chris Lake on Black Thong. After completing his beautifully crafted ReMaster of the all time classic, Tripoli by Double Cream, his next release of Clanga shows a turn towards the power and muscle that Woods has to offer.



Starting with cool wubs and suspense filled strings, it eventually morphs into a rousing, Big Room anthem that has become an iconic signature on many of his releases. As the melody rises in pitch, the energy amasses too until a tongue in cheek ‘Funky fresh beats‘ vocal is heard. The resulting drop is unforgiving, as it features a liquid bassline and a very distinct cowbell/synth combination that devastatingly smacks hard. A track that is perfect for any festival, expect to hear this single played around the circuit. Michael Woods‘s new single, Clanga, is out now on Diffused Music, on Beatport, so head on over to pick up this stunning release today.