In a recent talk with KROQ in Los Angeles, Daft Punk went into detail about their deep love for both Star Wars, and Lost. What do these both have in common? J.J. Abrams. Being long time supporters, Daft Punk told the host of KROQ, Stryker, that they are very confident in J.J. Abrams work and that he is the right man to direct the Star Wars sequels:

We feel really good about J.J.,” Bangalter said. “We’ve always been big fans of his work. I happened to have met J.J. a few years back, and he’s a really cool guy. He seems to be the perfect candidate to keep the Force alive.

Besides their love for Star Wars, Daft Punk also talked about how they grew up listening to Paul Williams, who is a legendary songwriter and composer. When asked about Paul Williams, Daft Punk stated:

“Yes, I saw Smokey and the Bandit,” Bangalter said. “But we were introduced to Paul through the Rainbow Connection and the Muppets. But also back when were children in France, watching the film Phantom of the Paradise. It’s this bizarre rock opera about Faust that Paul started and wrote the music to.”

One of the coolest aspects of the radio interview was the fact that Daft Punk proves that they are indeed, human. With the legendary duo being put high on a pedestal, it is nice to see them talk about their love for shows and people that we all know and love. Although I wish they had mentioned their love for J.J. Abram’s  Star Trek, I will have to settle. Check out the full interview (HERE)