From the depths of the dark ritualistic occult known as PHUTURE DOOM, comes “Burn the Knowledge“, an aggressively arcane and pitch-black track. With some viewers comparing it to black metal, Burn the Knowledge contains some characteristics from the Heavy Metal and “Grindcore” era  (there are some that would argue that statement)  and blends that as well as Electronic synths that replicate the riffs of a distorted guitar. Alongside the release, which by the way is a free download, PHUTURE DOOM also introduced a music video depicting three individuals who seem to be kidnapping a girl and transporting her to an undisclosed location in the middle of the woods.

Also announced with their release was the release date for their EP entitled Nightfall which is set to release July 23rd via OWSLA


No footage is shown of what transpires afterwards but perhaps you can find out for yourself…


Stream “Burn the Knowledge” below and watch the music video right below that.