After listening to Afrojack speak at EDMbiz 2013 one thing became very clear to me. Do not mess with Afrojack. Nick van de Wall, had no problem cleverly and hilariously shutting down bad questions and comments, to the amusement of the attendees. Obviously Deadmau5 wasn’t there, but it looks like he’ll learn this the hard way.

Deadmau5 and Afrojack got into it on Twitter earlier over differing opinions on production and tastes. Deadmau5 was quick to slam van de Wall’s recent work and opinions on popular EDM. Afrojack‘s response was basically along the lines of “everyone gets their own taste, if they like it so what?” Deadmau5 didn’t take kindly to this and criticized the Dutchman who had literally just finished  praising the controversial Canadian’s musical prowess as one of the best. Strange way to say thank you.

It doesn’t look like Deadmau5 will be getting the last laugh in this situation though. Afrojack just posted a track called something_ to his Soundcloud, clearly poking fun at Deadmau5‘s signature sound. Something_ is all sorts of progressive badness, out of key and poorly timed. It builds into an awful, ear-shattering big room turd before dropping into a completely different Dutch breakdown out of nowhere, which is equally as awful.

Most of Afrojack‘s fans didn’t quite understand the message and seemed to be upset, but I like to think we get it. The title, the plucked progressive pretentiousness, random drop, and genre ‘unclassified as of now’,  all point to Afrojack putting out probably one of the best troll pieces in EDM to date. Seriously, other artists need to take notes, instead of taking to Twitter, take it to the studio if you have beef. Laughs are guaranteed, check out the piece bellow. Well played Afrojack, well played.