Starting out as a bright, incoming producer in the Progressive scene, Alexey Leman, also known as Fon.Leman, has been storming through to the top, as his virtuous pieces boast both a high quality of finesse and craftsmanship rarely seen in today’s  musicians. He has gone through the musical journey that is similar to Mat Zo, as his past influences of vastly different genres, (such as Techno, Breaks, Hip Hop and Industrial), have granted him a gateway into a brand new land of musical possibilities to take advantage of. Like Zo, his pieces are groundbreakingly innovative and his blending of styles has admitted a whirlwind cavalcade to steer his tracks towards excellence. After his fantastic single of One Day, he hauls in serious overtime hours to release a collaboration with Progressive producer Louder Dale on Holy Grail. While the Original is a adventurous feat in its own, it is the Shingo Nakamura remix that smashes expectations. The Japanese producer is an absolute legend in the Progressive genre, as his beautiful, wishful pieces extends to a quality that very few producers ever reach. While the Original is for peak time moments, Shingo‘s interpretation of Holy Grail is laid back and drifting, with a breathtaking character that makes for a quality track in the Ibiza circuit.



Nakamura‘s MO is usually beautiful Progressive melodies that emphasize on the delicacy and beauty on each of the voicings that he personally handpicks for his tracks. However, this remix is different, as his intentions are more on the deep, philosophical grooves of Progressive with an emphasis on the soothing qualities of Lounge Music. He starts with a submerged, aquatic bassline that gives off a wondrous vibe of sunset memories at the beach as the addition of quirky synths, subtle pads and meticulously precise percussion give a strong sense of ingenuity and artistry towards his orchestration. This fact is heightened even further with the addition of subtle, space filling blips, funky 70’s guitar, expansive Progressive stabs and the sublime vocals from the Original. The breakdown brings Shingo‘s trademark piano sounds, as its beauty and brilliance creates a plethora of human emotion throughout the wide, atmospheric synths in the background. His layering is superb, as he carefully adds more and more instruments to create an entire, vibrant picture from just a couple of simple puzzle pieces. But instead of going for peak time energy, he keeps things cool and collected as his overarching dexterity and mastery of the genre propels this release towards new heights of quality not seen before in the Progressive scene.

Shingo Nakamura‘s remix to Fon.Leman & Louder Dale‘s upcoming single, Holy Grail, will be available to purchase tomorrow on Arrival (Silk Records) on Beatport, so make sure you pick up this fantastic interpretation of deep Balearic vibes soon.


Keep the music alive. -Q