If you’re dying for some new Krewella, look no further than their new teaser for their Fall tour for a taste of what the Krew has in store for us with their debut album, ‘Get Wet,’ coming out on September 24th. After the release of ‘Live For The Night,’ which was produced by Cash Cash, some fans proclaimed that Krewella had ‘sold-out’ and fully crossed over into mainstream pop with another progressive house anthem. However, the first song featured in the teaser, ‘We Go Down,’ should be more than enough to put any concerns that the Krew had abandoned their roots in grimy Bass Music to rest. They have been dropping this song at almost every set they’ve played since Ultra 2013 but it’s really nice to finally hear a high quality version of it. If you haven’t seen the video teaser yet then make sure you check it out below; September 24th can’t come soon enough!