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If you have been following this whole feud between Afrojack and Deadmau5 you likely listened to some of their Soundcloud uploads poking fun at each other. However, it seems that Afrojack may have shot himself in the foot. The problem is that Afrojack’s music is so utterly bad that he has rendered it impossible for listeners to discern between a track poking fun at Deadmau5 or an actual Afrojack preview. Granted, the tags on his Soundcloud do help as he seems to be using “unclassified” when he mocks Deadmau5 and generally something along the lines of “Afrojack music”. Check out his Soundcloud upload “GotDrop? (Hypebeat)” which was tagged as “unclassified”:

It seems this upload was made to troll Deadmau5 but it, in fact, had quite a few listeners bewildered. Many felt that it could be a legitimate Afrojack preview. It seems that while trying to make fun of Deadmau5, Afrojack actually ended up making a massive fool of himself. On the other hand, it could be a new Afrojack track. If that is the case Afrojack still looks like an idiot because people thought his track was a joke. This just goes to further highlight how poor his music is. The fact that people could mistake a track trolling Deadmau5 for a real one or vice versa is just hilariously sad.