Today marks a momentous occasion for Arty fans and EDM lovers around the world. First previewed last September on Tiesto’s Club Life 283, “Take Me Away (Grand Finale)” has finally been given its official release on Ministry of Sound Recordings. Arty, like countless other musicians in this day and age, is no stranger to perfecting his work, even if it takes a year to finish and release. There’s no doubt that his hard work and dedication definitely paid off for this track! Every single time “Take Me Away (Grand Finale)” comes on, the euphoric synths and beautiful sounds of Arty never fail to take over my mind. Whether it’s the blissful melody soaring strong or the mesmerizing vocals of Fiora, everything about this track just seems to click together. All in all, it would be a shame if you didn’t give this inspiring track a listen. Also, if you would like to purchase “Take Me Away (Grand Finale)” head over to Beatport to do so HERE!