With Tomorrowland 2013 just days away, it seems like an appropriate time to officially release the newest anthem from the self-appointed rulers of Tomorrowland: Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. Going to Tomorrowland was easily one of the best experiences of my life, but I have to say not going this year is 10 times harder than any year before. The energy, the people, the production, the epic voice introducing the next DJ and leading attendees through a magical journey. It’s as close to a dream as you’ll ever come (aside from a bender on DMT, which we don’t recommend). Back to the track. I swear these guys must have a hard time not making anthems because they produce festival banger after festival banger. And when it comes to their home town festival, you know their heart and soul is poured into Chattahoochee. Check out the video below and you know they’ll have the crowd screaming this weekend. For those of you going: be safe, have fun, and let go of reality. For those of you at home, we’ll have you covered with the sets.

“Yesterday is history, today is a gift, tomorrow is a mystery.”