To say that England’s own Trance producer Adam Ellis is doing well is a complete understatement to the testament of his mighty abilities. Even by my own personal standards, his career has exploded faster than any Trance producer that I have witnessed in a very, very long time. Ellis of course, started out his breakthrough into the Big Leagues with his remix of Planet Perfecto‘s classic, Bullet In The Gun and has been taking over the scene by storm; as he is quickly shaping up to be the best incoming producer of 2013. His sound has been pushed along with the help of A-Listers such as Bryan Kearney, John O’Callaghan, Indecent Noise and Aly & Fila and every single one of his releases has consisted of pure euphoria or relentless Tech torture by nail guns. And it seems that every single release seems to be maturing his early sound in years rather than months, which is quickly producing tighter structures, bigger basslines and more melodic pathways than ever before. Not since the blowup of Photographer during the end of 2012 has there been an artist who has had such raw talent and promise to completely create magic with everything he touches. His newest single, Napalm Poet, has been heavily supported by many artists and its clear cut quality and effortless finesse has many people hailing it as the iconic Trance track of 2013.



Napalm Poet begins with a fantastically crisp and detailed bassline, giving off faint hints of Psy while keeping the core Tech structure nice and lean to promote clarity and punchiness. Since the bassline is so clipped in its nature, it gives an incredible amount of breathing room for the exploration of sounds to be fully accentuated. Subtleties, such as strategic white noise, reverbed vocals and timbral breaths keeps things fresh as a woman stating,’Are you alright?‘ brings forth his signature military percussion and harmonic rhythmic stabs, (alongside some flesh dissolving acidic lines for variety). The breakdown introduces a lone female soloist to the forefront as her angelic timbres bring both feelings of lamentation and prominence to the sheer beauty of the human voice, (while injecting a slight twinge of the Middle East into the mix). Then, just like the first, magical rays of the sunset, Ellis brings forth a colossal melody, whose timbres bring both light and hope throughout the lonely ambiance that was crafted before. Bringing back elements of the beginning with acid, light basslines and tight, repeating drums, he amps the energy to a feverish level, opting to increase it to the point of no return (to the delight of listeners). What follows through is a combination of his gorgeous melodies and gripping, intense basslines of the beginning as they work in tandem to bring forth a truly marvelous work of art that breaks the boundaries of production possibilities and organically becomes a shining definition on utilizing music to describe the raw emotions of the human heart, mind and soul.

Adam Ellis‘s fantastic new single, Napalm Poet, is out now on KEARNAGE Recordings on Beatport, so make sure you go and pick up this brilliant work of music today. Make sure to also check out the wonderfully acidic Angry Man remix as well!


Keep the music alive. -Q