SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Christmas 2013 will be moved to Saturday August 3rd! Maybe not officially, but Eric Prydz will be streaming his Essential Mix LIVE this Saturday from Privilege Ibiza so I’d say that qualifies. The Essential Mix will span from 3:00-4:30am CET (that’s 9:00-10:30pm EST for the Western Hemisphere Prydz fans) on BBC Radio 1. It’s always a treat when you get to hear any Prydz set, but everyone knows the Essential Mixes are held with the highest regard by all producers, so you can expect something epic. What will we will be hearing from the Swedish legend? Although I’m sure we’ll hear some Pryda tracks thrown in the mix, I’m guessing Cirez D will be running most of the show. The kids want techno, and I’m willing to bet he delivers. Ibiza always has great techno acts and after his recent stay in America, he’s been getting back to that dark techno sound. Whatever the outcome, you can expect a flawless mix from one of the best artists in the world.