On this week’s Unsung Heroes, we take a deep plunge into Techno with a brilliant single from rising Techno legend Tomy DeClerque. I happened to stumble across Sasha Carassi‘s personal Techno label, Phobiq from Simon Patterson‘s ASOT 600 set in Den Bosh, in which he played the excellent Slam remix to Sasha‘s Fiberboard. Lately I have been heavily delving into the murky and mysterious Techno scene by constantly exposing myself to new music, drinking in as much knowledge as I can. The amount of detail and pure subversive subtleties that makes up each track is both an acquired taste and a brilliant evolution in minimalistic musical expression. While looking through the back catalog, I happened to come across an artist called Tomy DeClerque that instantly had that new and edgy sound that I have been looking for. Tomy, of course, is part of the exclusive fraternity of Slovenians who have devoted their musical journeys towards the darker side of Electronic Music and has been in assosiation with legendary artists such as UMEK. However, instead of evolving into the bodacious grooves of Tech House, (a la UMEK), his sound has boldly steered towards new, uncharted territory.

Describing the sound of Techno is an extremely tricky and complicated process, simply because that are an incredulous amount of interpretations that exists in the scene. Some people may associate Techno to the classic tunes in the 80’s, while there are those who surround themselves in the fast paced Hard Techno/Hard Groove genre. Some, like Richie Hawton, champion the low-cut minimalist qualities while others utilize pressure inducing sub-bass’s towards their tracks. What is interesting about Tomy‘s sound is the fact that he smoothy combines many influences from these schools of Techno and crafts it into an unusually sublime feel that permeates throughout all of his tracks. His tracks are a conglomeration between the essential facets of Techno and the wild, unruly qualities of Tribal House, which results in an amazing contrast between the two. One can imagine his tracks to have a ‘jungle’ like quality to it and his exquisite tastes in percussive choices completely creates another sub-genre of Techno. His sound is perfect for the cool, yet rowdy sounds needed for peak time moments, while still keeping that great, chugging groove. His genre bending abilities are fully explored in his fantastic single entitled It’s Up To You. Fully stretching the power of Techno to the limit, his track is a blistering rampage whose sheer pressurized weight crushes unsuspecting listeners.



Already commanding a vast knowledge of rich orchestration, the beginning introduces a cavalcade of unique and interesting percussion to give our musical palettes a taste of what is to come. A bullying bassline shoves its way to the mainstage as interesting clicks and spider induced suspenseful strings bring forth a ritual groove that is most fitted for the Congo jungles of Africa. Furious drive and overwhelming basslines puncture at the heart of Tomy‘s tribal vibes as each beat produces constant, raw power through its phrasing. The breakdown features odd clicks and authoritative hi-hats/snares amidst intriguing samples such as a marble rolling into nothingness and screaming synth sounds ghoulishly providing a sinister tone. He keeps the consistent groove in check while managing to increase the power in different ways, such as making certain voices more prevalent and faintly incorporating a full, detailed matrix of percussion. As the tinging of an incredibly realistic cowbell is played, the full fury of the tune commences with a battering bassline and earthquaking elephant sirens to unleash complete, chaotic madness amidst the soundscape.

Tomy DeClerque‘s brilliant Techno single, It’s Up To You, is out now on Phobiq on Beatport, so make sure you pick up this colossal track today. Make sure to also check out the great B-side, Z-Nasti, as well as remixes from Sam Paganini & Axel Karakasis!


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/its-up-to-you-z-nasti/939869


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