With a city that is severely lacking the representation of Trance, New York has been in dire straits for fans of the genre. But this year, there has been a small entertainment company that has quickly risen to become one of the leading factors of Trance in almost any city. Esscala Entertainment has been working into overtime to bring the best that Trance has to offer, from artists such as Ferry Tayle, Daniel Kandi, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Roger Shah and more. Meanwhile, a brand new adventurous series has unfolded within the company; one that has been massively successful in its initial events. Their ‘Rabbit Hole Nights‘ allow artists to really stretch out their creative outlets by giving them the extra space that they need with a 5+ hour continuous set. Not only does this contributes to a fantastic experience for the artist, but also towards the fans. The attendees get to hear music that they otherwise wouldn’t have heard from the artist before and the whole concept of the musical journey envelops the entire night. Since the sets are long, there are many different sections of the night and is truly a fantastic twisting and turning set to really engage people in a multitude of musical styles.

They have been successful with artists such as Daniel Portman and the legendary John Askew in the past, but Esscala really picked up momentum on their 6.5 hour set with Max Graham. He said it was one of the most rewarding sets of his career and definitely one of the best nights he has had in a long time. And now for this Friday, the colossal powerhouse of Simon Patterson gets a spin at the wheel as he seems to be a perfect candidate for this undertaking. Simon, of course, has been going through a transformation of musical styles as he has broadened out his sound to include the genres of Techno, Breaks and Psy Trance in addition to his standard Uplifting and Tech Trance antics. His concept of Open Up is to not have a short set of bangers, but rather, a long journey through the dark and hidden pathways of the underground while educating people on the music that he loves. I am personally excited to see him this weekend because he has been such an unorthodox producer this year and literally anything could happen. Additionally, this will be one of the rare times that he does get to stretch out his creative choices and seeing his track selections in his Open Up and In New DJ’s We Trust radio shows (on BBC 1), it will be an unforgettable night of music.

Tickets are on sale now over at Wantickets and the event will be situated at Santos Party House in NYC (which is personally a great venue). It will take place this Friday on August 9th so make sure you get there and prepare for a musical voyage through the mind of Simon Patterson.


Tickets: http://www.esscalaentertainment.com/tickets.html