Going about your life without a paternal figure can be difficult for some. One in such a position is our very own class clown Dillon Francis. Dillon has been searching for his father even since we’ve known him. Going as far as impersonating Tiesto, the suit and tie adorned man has sought out various ways to cope with the gaping hole left in his brittle heart. Lately Dillon has decided to use Vine to express his vibrant emotions, from torturing his cat to forging fake bills, these short 6 second videos are a window into a man’s broken life.

We implore Hardwell (Dillon Francis’ father) to face whatever caused him to leave his son, and finally return to a deserving child who desperately needs a dad.

Note: Because some people just don’t seem to get it, this article is a joke, based around a persona Dillon Francis created himself. Come on people, we shouldn’t have to point this out.