Krewella made an appearance on Nikki and Sara Live on MTV last night where they discussed their sleeping habits, crowd surfing injuries, and their debut album Get Wet, which comes out September 24th. After the brief interview, the Krew took to the stage to perform their new single “Live For The Night” as a well as “Alive” featuring live vocals from Jahan and Yasmine. I’m really glad they decided to do live vocals for this performance on national TV since that aspect of their live show is what truly makes Krewella stand out most other acts in the EDM scene. The live vocals make for a much more intimate experience than just seeing a producer/DJ and this is one of the key factors that takes the energy of Krewella‘s performances to whole new level; plus it was really awesome to getting to see Jahan and Yasmine raging and headbanging in high-definition glory. After performing “Live For The Night” and “Alive,” the Krew transitioned into Pegboard Nerds’ incredible dubstep remix of “Alive,” which is significantly less radio-friendly than the original. I, for one, was thrilled that they dropped this remix on national TV since there’s no denying that Krewella‘s roots are in grimy bass music (see: every song on their Play Hard EP except “Alive”); it’s very reassuring to know that they aren’t afraid go on national TV and drop a filthy dubstep track that you would never hear on a Top 40 radio station. Skip to 14:40 in the video below to jump right into the action with the Krew

P.S. I don’t know about you guys, but I think Yasmine‘s cornrows are incredibly badass!