Estonian producer Mord Fustang, tends to fall outside the norm when considering a music release schedule. Today many artists preview tracks to increase attention, and space releases with some sort of order. Mord Fustang strays from the crowd, sidestepping the popular business backed model of most artists. After the wildly popular original, ‘Taito’, released in January, it was a few months until another original surfaced. The song, “Something Right Meow” went live via SoundCloud . Fustang supplied the fan desire for new music; but he gave no indicators of an official release date. Five months later as of yesterday, we now have the full length single of “Something Right Meow“. It is a complex tune with many working sounds. One can hear other artist influences, but continues the same unique electro house style associated with Mord Fustang. This is the same sound that led to his crowning as, “Breakthrough Artist of the Year” from Beatport’s 2012 Awards.

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