By now you have heard Tommy Trash’sMonkey In Love” track, and if you’re really ahead of the curve you’ve seen the video. If neither, or one or the other, you can see both here! Ok! Now that everyone is up to speed and on the same page, a behind the scenes video of the Monkey In Love music video was released that entailed both working with, and the day to day life of Kal, the seductive party animal monkey in the video. It seems Kal is quite the troubled young actor and word through the grapevine says he has already blown through his money earned for his work on the music video and has now acquired a job as a telemarketer to make up for lost wages. Kal has everything under lock though, as it seems in the behind the scenes, Kal has big ideas for future work with Tommy that is to be announced.

It seems everyone is convinced that Kal is a real living thing but “if you look really close”, you’ll see he is a puppet!

Here is the behind the scenes video:

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