On this week’s Sunrise Sessions, we delve into the realms of Deep House from overseas with a beautiful remix by Japanese composer, KIWAMU. Recently, I have been digging hard into Deep House, which has been a complete stark change from the usual Uplifting and Tech Trance that I study. The amount of innovative ideas and intricate details within Deep House rival some as the best technical pieces out there and the philosophy of musical atmosphere really gives an incredible amount of spacial depth and human life towards the electronic sounds of music. I happen to come across a great label from Japan called Otographic Music and the unique ideas and timbres that the Japanese artists have are a real breath of fresh air to those who are feeling stifled by the sounds of Europe or American EDM. For this week, I chose fast rising talent KIWAMU from Japan because his interpretation of Deep House has become stellar in both musical execution and unique oriental ideas. Born in 1984, he first got into EDM with influences from artists such as Ferry Corsten and Rank 1 and has had his past productions supported by the likes of Airwave, Solarstone and Aeron Aether. His remix of Masanori Yasuda‘s single, Kalos Eidos, combines the musical sensibilities of Lounge and Deep to create a genre bending track that’s perfect for Sunday mornings.



Kalos Eidos starts with a sturdy bassline for structural support as underwater synths provide fantastic contrast between the two.The rather lovely Lounge percussion also adds a nice layer of depth, almost as if there was a certain crunchiness to the inside of a soft chocolate bar. Breath stabs, electric synths,  and cascading intimacies bring a level of intricacy that elevates the quality to an outstanding level while still keeping the mint orchestration tight and condensed. Even more so when starry chord changes add a level of melodic interpretation to the wonderfully diverse set of aesthetic timbres of KIWAMU. The breakdown features an immense, cavernous environment, as faint vocal timbres assist an elegant repeating piano line to completely change the entire tone of the piece. As cascading ostinatos bring in a stripped down percussion section, KIWAMU begins an excellent experiment in layering, as he slowly adds minor parts after each motif that adds new surprises at each junction of his musical adventure. But rather than heighten the energy for the second drop, he brings in a tasty bassline ostinato to subdue the voicings to an ebbing low, allowing the deep, mystical sounds drift you away to places far away, (with that tight percussion acting as a pathway to travel through).

KIWAMU‘s remix of Masanori Yasuda‘s single, Kalos Eidos, is out now on Otographic Music on Beatport, so make sure you catch this deep cut in your collection today. Tune in next week on Sunrise Sessions as we take a look at a seldom seen genre of soul hip-hop. Definitely don’t miss it.


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/track/kalos-eidos-kiwamu-remix/4158135





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