One of the  greatest rewards about writing is discovering brand new talent that are just starting out on their journey. While we love to cover artists such as John O’Callaghan, Aly & Fila and Bryan Kearney; finding those who haven’t achieved worldwide recognition often brings forth new and fresh ideas and often influences other artists to produce high quality content on a consistent basis. That being said, Ferrin & Morris are an up and coming Trance duo that have seriously been putting in the paces towards their career, as each of their releases have been better than the last.  Alan Morris, of course, was an artist we already covered with his great single of Leap Of Faith (which you can access here: ). But when Morris teams up with fellow producer Josh Ferrin, the result is some incredibly fantastic Trance in the range of 138-140. While they are early in their career, their previous singles have already been supported by a plethora of big names, including Armin van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Sean Tyas and more. With their new remix of Kara Sun‘s single, I Like It, this might be the push they need to compete head on with some of the best in the industry.



Ferrin & Morris‘s remix is a prime example of achieving perfect musical equilibrium. They manage to infuse some delicacy and pure euphoria into their mix, but they still managed to keep the power and drive consistent, (which is essential for a track to be played live). It starts with a fantastic drive, as the pulsating bassline and cheery percussion give a perfect backdrop for the various sounds to shine through. Slowly falling melodic lines intertwine with bouncy synth accompaniments as they bring a cavalcade of beaming sounds that gives a sense of optimistic dreams towards the future. The breakdown pulls an overarching bass note for dramatic effect as subtle choir vocals gives volume towards the phrase. A lone piano breaks the silence with somber sensibilities as more and more voices are added to transition to a great synth melody (with some superb piano chord work as well). A flickering synth comes into fruition as the sounds further pronounce themselves to their fullest potential. Building with repeated notes to a blistering energy high, it drops to a wonderfully dazzling array of sounds and emotions, as the feel good melodies envelop the listener in pure bliss. The additions of flowing pads, rambunctious basslines and luscious, complicated orchestration designs further proves this point of musical variety and variability and culminates I Like It into a fantastic representation of Trance.

Ferrin & Morris‘s remix of Kara Sun‘s, I Like It, is out now on Digitized Recordings on Beatport, so make sure you grab your copy today. Make sure to also check out the Original and Sunset mixes as well!


Keep the music alive. -Q