Lady Gaga’s awaited album, ARTPOP, is approaching. With a track from the album leaking last week, music fans across the globe are becoming more eager to see what the final product will sound like. Some people have criticized Gaga, saying that she has taken it too far this time. Steve Angello has chimed in on the matter applauding Lady Gaga for her creativity.

Steve Angello, Lady Gaga, Your EDM

Angello most definitely raises some valid points. There has to be an artist that takes a leap of faith in order to push something (music, in this case) forward. Just think about electronic music. The first time someone took electricity, manipulated it to make sounds and then called it “music” must have been thought to be insane by their colleagues. Look where we are now, electronic music is taking the world by storm.

For all I know Lady Gaga could be creating the future of music. The only difference is that, instead of being Elisha Gray (father of the synthesizer) or Thaddeus Cahill (inventor of the first synthesizer) in a basement looking to create a new form of instrument, she finds herself in the limelight. Being in the limelight these days means everyone is watching and judging you each step you take. The boundaries broken and comfort zones invaded by ARTPOP could, in the end, lead to something even bigger. Only time will tell.