The other day we posted the list of “Highest Paid DJ’s”, according to Forbes. Some of the figures in that report are absolutely staggering, even Diplo in last place sits on a frosty $13 million a year. It’s nice to think such a salary comes entirely from the legal distribution of un-infringed record sales, but that is not the case. Nightlife and festivals pay the bills; some paying more than others. Hakkasan Las Vegas CEO, Neil Moffitt, recently sat down with Forbes, discussing the future of dance music in clubs, performance costs, and building the Hakkasan Group globally. Just under 6 minutes the interview is brief, yet dense in content.

MGM allowed Moffitt a sizable space, at eighty thousand square feet to create Hakkasan, a decision that’s already proven wise. Moffit acknowledges in his interview that DJ’s are a current component of what his club offers. Essentially he makes the point that as long as DJ’s like Tiesto and Calvin Harris sell out the club, Hakkasan will keep them as top performers. Economically the potential revenue for clubs is too high not to pay artist costs; right now it’s just necessary. Operative word being, ‘now’, Moffit continues to note that with such a large space, if interests change, Hakkasan can change internally as well. .

Moffitt mentions moving in to Singapore, as well as mainland China, with hopes for a new hotel, ideally expanding the Hakkasan, “portfolio”, far past the name brand, Hakkasan Las Vegas.