In a recent interview with Las Vegas Weekly, Yasmine of Krewella revealed that a single off their upcoming album, “Dancing With The Devil,” will feature Travis Barker from Blink-182 and Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy. Both bands represent a huge part of Krewella’s musical interests growing up and continue to help shape the way Krewella wants to make their music. In the interview, Yasmine stated:

We have this song on the album —I’m not really supposed to talk about this, but whatever—that’s a collaboration with Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy and Travis Barker from Blink-182. It’s the three of us together on one song, and it’s like the culmination of my adolescent years, the coolest thing that’s every happened to me. When we were in the studio with Patrick Stump writing this song, it was one of those moments when I realized there’s no other type of music I’d rather be making. … I don’t even know how to place us anymore. But that’s I guess a good thing.

An exciting collaboration to say the least and we look forward to the track once it’s released. Make sure to stay tuned as more information becomes readily available!


Las Vegas Weekly