Eventbrite conducted a survey of 1,019 people in June to help better understand the electronic music market. They surveyed adults in the USA that go to electronic music shows as well as those that attend other music events. The findings are fascinating. For starters 78% of the population surveyed said they were more likely to attend an electronic music event if their peers were going as well. This contrasts with 43% for other music concert attendees. Also, the promoter plays a big role for electronic music fans when deciding to attend an event as 38% said it was a very important factor for their purchase decision. 80% say that the venue is crucial to their decision which is almost as important to them as the performer to which came in at 90%. Interestingly enough, it seems that electronic music events are more important to these people than the music itself as 36% said they went to events before listening to the music and 28% don’t listen to electronic music but still like going to the events. Half (53%) of electronic music fans say they would pay to watch their favorite artist perform on a live stream, only 19% of fans from other music said likewise.

Source: Market Wire

Here’s a nice graphic for all you visual people: