On this week’s Sunrise Sessions, we take a step back from EDM and focus on other genres that create an entirely new and different perspective on musical expectations. While we are indeed an EDM site, (even within our name), that are a multitude of genres that are worth exploring the special qualities that reside within said genres. One particular fact that I have come to realize over  many years of musical findings is the fact that two genres can have a certain unified feel to them while providing their own unique perspective on how it’s executed. I have always been a huge fan of Soul Hip-Hop, where its instrumental melodies and instruments provide a completely different experience that is seldom explored and appreciated. While the focus of Sunrise Sessions is on finding low cut tracks that best exemplify the early hours of Sunday mornings, I try to jump onto any track that has any emotional ties with it, as the metaphorical undertones can really separate a track from the pack and give it much more personal weight than any purely aesthetically produced piece.

On that note, we turn to underground Hip-Hop producer, Asis Galvin, who is among one of the finest that I have found through many hours of researching the genre. While his name may be unbeknownst to you, he is integral to many important projects, with his most notable endeavor being an essential artist for the highly successful ‘The Boondocks‘ TV show on Adult Swim. His role in that particular feat included creating both Huey and Riley’s theme, as well as themes such as the Huey and Uncle Ruckus fight in Season 2. Even though the show’s content may be controversial, no one can deny the stellar soundtrack that resides within each episode. His variety of influences is expansive, as he produces remixes from such genres as TV show themes, video game music and even on orchestral and oriental sounding music. However, he seemed to have really struck a deep emotional chord with his batch of tracks that was slated to be featured on the upcoming fourth season of The Boondocks. One in particular was his track entitled Transparent Parents and his inspiration towards this piece is to ‘focus on the feeling of talking about a lost loved one‘. Low cut and easy going, it is a prime example of using the least amount of materials to achieve the maximum amount of emotional potential.



Anyone who is expecting musical complexity to this release will be disappointed. However, if people are just focused purely on the music, it defeats the entire point of the track’s creation. Aesthetically, Transparent Parents is very simple within a minimalistic construct, as it begins with flowing strummed guitar chords with a luscious and deep cello providing harmonic support. This allows the broader focus on other sounds that are interspersed within the track, such as eerie, held notes and the ringing of a shop door. As the simple beat kicks in, the piece continues along with slight textural changes within each phrase, including the addition of a simplistic second guitar that exists solely for chordal variety. The piece exists for us to focus on the individual sounds and to realize the entire structure of the piece. But again, that is not the point. The point is the sheer amount of vulnerability that this track opens up within the listener’s heart and soul. It contains depth, character and a deeper sense of existential meaning that really strike hard into its simplistic harmonies. The rich combination of sounds along with the low cut percussion speak more than notes; they speak about lingering thoughts of the past, resurfaced emotions long buried and an uncertain future that many long for an answer.

Asis Galvin‘s single, Transparent Parents, is not out yet, but will be released soon on his own terms, (which will most likely be on Bandcamp). Make sure to check out his other tracks as well, they are stellar!



Keep the music alive. -Q



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