Severely one of the most underrated producers within the Trance scene right now, Progressive Trance champion Terry Da Libra has been representing the beautiful country of Greece with his mesmerizing and often memorable productions. While he is not a producer that bangs out tracks every month, he is one that has mastered the often overlooked abilities of patience, virtue and true emotional expression through musical spectrums. Every single one of his past productions have been straight fire and it really showcases the sage-like musical expertise that Da Libra currently commands. As one of the top technical artists around, his productions come teeming with a dazzling array of sounds and motifs with his orchestration almost becoming visionary. After his brilliant double EP on Enhanced Recordings and his remix to Schodt & Sundriver‘s Here With Me, (links provided below if you want to take a listen), he teams up with long time friend David Broaders on a stunning collaboration entitled Loss Aversion. David Broaders is another artist who has been close by Terry‘s path, whose magnificent and refined productions almost give a Pryda-esque crispness to his works. Overflowing with an abundance of quality and imagination, Loss Aversion is a dazzling Trance gem and seriously raises the bar of production excellence to incredibly unimaginable heights.



And their quality does not go unnoticed, as they have already received gracious support from both Armin van Buuren and Markus Schulz. Immediately, the duo showcase their unbelievable abilities in layering and overall musical approach with an incredible cavalcade of sounds, basslines and percussion. An assortment of dreamy pads await with dense, overarching chords bleeding through one another to really give that organic sense of direction, as well as giving it that special kind of polish and shine that Da Libra can only deliver; (with stunning bassline work from Broaders as well). The beat breaks down as mesh pads coat the listener in mystical and cascading timbres while maintaining the intricate delicacy of the piece. The breakdown features an angelic choir singing a marvelous and inspired melody which pulls deep into the heartstrings when the luscious string quartet joins hand in hand with the choir. Things appear at a standstill as a lone, cheery synth line cuts through the wind chimes and twinkling clouds as the sounds continue to take shape. It culminates into a vocal stating ‘das a we‘, (which is a very lovely timbre), before releasing into a gorgeous drop that gives thoughts of walking through the isles of Greece in all its beauty and magnificence. Every single voice works together like clockwork, and yet, it seems as through both artists are weaving their sounds from thin air in an improvisatory and majestic manner, almost as if they were effortlessly crafting pure magic through their fingertips.

Terry Da Libra & David Broader‘s collaboration, Loss Aversion, will be out tomorrow on Enhanced Progressive on Beatport, so make sure you pick up this radiant Trance gem. Head into Sunrise Sessions next week when we go deeper with a new and perfect way to start your morning.


Keep the music alive. -Q



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