Having locked himself in the studio for quite some time now, Deadmau5 has been releasing a stream of ready made previews to build anticipation for a possible EP in the near future. Within his recent previews, it is clear that he is once again branching out his sound to incorporate a number of genres and styles, along with his usual unorthodox Electro sound that he is so well known for. After showcasing a beautiful return to Progressive with his two renditions of his Original, Pets, he’s uploaded a new track aptly entitled I Have No Idea. This sketch takes a completely different turn of musical style than even his own usual take on musical genres and incorporates a Classical minor chordal system that brings an almost haunting, yet refreshing spin on his unique sound. A combination between 16bit chiptunes, (Castlevania anyone?), and the modernization of his 21st century synth experiments brings fascinating new musical possibilities to the forefront and is an all around great progression to hear. No words yet on a release yet, but let us know what you think!