Quickly cementing himself into one of the leading pioneers in Progressive and Progressive Trance, Toby Hedges has been making huge steps in his budding career as of late. Right now, he is right upon the cusp of international recognition by the scene as a whole and he seems to be determined to reach to the top. Toby came into the limelight by winning the ‘Wild At Heart‘ remix competition and has received a huge push by leading forces in the Trance scene with his successful victory in the Love Survives remix competition, which caught the attention of big name Progressive Trance heroes, Tenishia and Ruben De Ronde. Now under the heavy forces of the Armada family, Toby‘s abilities have skyrocketed into the stratosphere through some of the most groundbreaking releases of 2013. His sound combines shining synths through twists and turns of both Progressive & Progressive Trance genres and all of his releases have contained an incredibly complicated orchestration, (which results in lush, high quality music). After crafting the outstanding collaboration remix with Juventa on Boom Jinx & Maor Levi‘s single, When You Loved Me, the young producer has his sights set on Original compositions. After his highly successful Square One release, he is now set on his upcoming single release of Images. By utilizing unorthodox production methods and fantastic musical blueprints, his multifaceted piece bring forth a wide array of wonderful emotions to cascade over listeners.



Images starts out with a full arsenal of sounds and melodic ideas, as the sound diversely spans throughout each of the individual textures. With low cut basslines, crisp percussion, hopeful synths and a stacked deck of pads, Hedges manages to put a very complex system together while maintaining the smooth, care free sound that is essential to truly capture the Progressive Trance feel. His transitions flow like butter, as the sounds naturally progresses through with no noticeable breaks whatsoever. Bouncing vocals, timid blips, sweeping white noise and the backdrop of both soothing piano and bass synths provide a very interesting musical layout as the orchestration could even rival those of Classical orchestral part writing (as each sound seems to have an agenda all its own while working together to achieve one unified goal). Hedges is clearly no ordinary producer and it is evident through his technical prowess that he has the ability to stupefy even the hardest of critics. The bewildering cherry on top of this beautiful story is the sheer minimization of the drop that he conducts. The complexity of the sounds are still evident in shining beauty, but instead, he opts to utilize the bassline to tell the story, which results in not only fantastic musical theory possibilities, but also a wonderful vibrant, and sophisticated journey to be a part of.

Toby Hedges‘s brand new single, Images, is out now on Silk Royal on Beatport, so make sure you snag this release today. Make sure to also check out the outstanding Johan Vilborg remix as well!


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport:  http://www.beatport.com/release/images/1139583