Krewella just announced how to unlock their new single “Party Monster” on Twitter and Facebook:

Just go to the link above and share the tweet from your twitter account; once the tweet has been shared 5000 times the track will be unlocked for everyone to download!  We’ve already hit over 1000 tweets so this should happen in no time, but make sure you tell your friends to tweet it too so we can get the track ASAP! Honestly, I think calling this track a monster is an understatement…

UPDATE: We did it Krew, Party Monster is now available to download here! According to the website, they will be releasing a new song every Get Wet Wednesday up until the album comes out on September 24th! It remains to be seen whether or not these songs will be from the album or not, but either way we have a lot to look forward to in the days leading up to Get Wet!