In a recent interview with MTV, Kaskade announced that he will be singing the vocals he laid down in his hit single Atmosphere live while he is on his Big Rooms Small Tour.

This song sits close to Ryan as he explained  in his interview:

“The song’s about me and my story and being true to myself, getting to this point in my life and following my passion and not being affected by everything that is going on around me. It’s a very personal song and it just made sense to name the album that and then, cool, we’ll call the tour that too.”

He goes on to talk about his feelings about singing live in front of his beloved fans:

“I was a little shy about that, a little nervous just cause I’ve never done it before but it’s been awesome, now I play the song at shows and to see everyone singing along and seeing how it resonates with my audience is very rewarding, I love that, the aspect of sharing my art.”

This is definitely something different in the news we’ve been seeing lately with Kaskade, we are definitely excited to see what he has in store for us! Check out part of the MTV interview below!


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