Following the success of several American projects, BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong has announced that he will be moving to Los Angeles by the end of the month. Tong has explained that the move is a response to the growing popularity of electronic music in the United States.

I’m looking forward to being based in Los Angeles. The electronic dance music scene in the USA has reached a critical mass and the opportunities for our world are taking us into unchartered territory. I feel now its essential to be in the middle of all that.”

The DJ is excited to be making Los Angeles his new home, both to represent the American side of EDM and to be an ambassador for fresh talent from across the pond.

“LA is an inspiring and creative city where content is king and I look forward to giving the rest of the world a more detailed insight into what going on (in the USA) whilst also looking for better opportunities to represent all the brilliant new artists/ producers and DJ’s breaking through in the UK, Europe. I have been involved in radio throughout my career and I think this fresh perspective is going to enable me to make some very exciting shows.”

For those concerned that the move will affect his UK broadcast schedule, there’s no need to worry. The DJ will continue his regular shows, splitting time between the UK and the US.

To celebrate his move, he has announced an upcoming North American tour that launches from Los Angeles. You can check out the dates below.

9 / 20 – Sound, Los Angeles, CA
9 / 21 – iHeartRadio Festival Village, Las Vegas, NV
9 / 27 – Echostage, Washington DC
9 / 28 – All Gone Pete Tong arena, TomorrowWorld Festival, Atlanta, GA
9 / 29 – Garden Pool, El Paso, TX
10 / 4 – X Club, Charlotte, NC
10 / 5 – Story, Miami, FL
10 / 11 – Yost Theatre, Santa Ana, CA
10 / 12 – Bang Bang, San Diego, CA
10 / 31 – Vessel, San Francisco, CA
11 / 8 – Royale, Boston, MA
11 / 21 – Foundation, Seattle, WA
11 / 22 – Celebrities, Vancouver
11 / 23 – Beta, Denver, CO
12 / 6 – The Mid, Chicago, IL
12 / 7 – Elektricity, Detroit, MI