American record label Dim Mak is beginning a new venture in Los Angeles, working hand-in-hand with festival promoter Insomniac Events. While Steve Aoki‘s Dim Mak had a prior series on Sunday nights, this new evening is taking place at Create Nightclub. This venue is a newer effort by Insomniac and Los Angeles nightlife group, sbe. Kicking off the inaugural event is Dim Mak favorite Felix Cartal, performing alongside trap and moombah specialist ETC!ETC!. Also in attendance is Germany’s electro darling TAI and the DJ for Dim Mak Studios on Evolution Radio, Fashen. Labelhead Steve Aoki says “we’re excited to make Create nightclub our new Dim Mak Sundays home, and doing this along with family like Insomniac and sbe makes it so much sweeter!” In just a few days time we’ll see exactly what its like when two well respected companies from opposite perspectives in dance come together.