Documents have surfaced online that indicate that Insomniac Events, headed by Pasquale Rotella, have filed for the trademark of ” E.D.SEA”. They were also approved for “Arranging of cruises; arranging of tours and cruises; boat cruises; organizing and conducting adaptive travel excursions, namely, boat cruises for individuals; Travel, excursion and cruise arrangement.” Although no details are provided beyond that, the approved trademark indicates that the power promoter Insomniac are ready to take their act to the sea.

With Holy Ship being such a wide success, this move seems like the smart move to expand Insomiac and further its grip on the electronic music scene. With Insomiac’s global expansion, and now E.D.SEA, Pasquale Rotella is quickly setting up an empire that will be available to everyone in the world within the next few years.  You can check out the documents below:

Trademark Information: (HERE)