One of the fastest growing Trance teams who have skyrocketed to critical acclaim is non other than the dynamic duo of Allen & Envy. We here at Your EDM first covered these two when they provided a stellar remix to Myk Bee & Jarmin von Nitely‘s single, Reinspired and since then, they have been making huge leaps through their careers. After their remix, they have put in serious overtime in the studio, producing 7 Original productions and other countless remixes from artists such as Neal Scarborough, Gary Maguire, Tasso and Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight. They have been receiving huge support from DJ’s such as Aly & Fila, Arctic Moon, Solarstone & Jorn van Deynhoven and has recently been an Uplifting favorite of Armin van Buuren, who has featured many of their newest tracks in multiple ASOT radio shows. In addition to playing around Europe on a regular basis, they have also jump started their brand new radio show of Together As One, which showcases the best in Uplifting Trance. With the whirlwind of new and exciting projects up ahead, they have finally accomplished one of their greatest goals by introducing their own record label entitled Together Recordings, with their first release of their newest single, Always. Featuring the shimmering vocals of Julie Harrington, it is one of the best vocal Uplifters to have been crafted through 2013, hands down.



Always starts with an incredible, precision based bassline cutting through the soundscape and providing a very strong foundation for the vocals to work off of. Harrington‘s vocals seem to billow through the windy sound architecture and slight touches such as sidechained strings, blippy ostinatos and simple, but essential piano gives this piece a human dynamic towards the phrasing and brings off tones of warmth and radiance through the vocals. The breakdown features sublime piano chords on top of cavernous bass drones and mildly drifting synth pads. The vocals receive extra care and attention throughout the breakdown as her words cuts straight to the human heart to those who are able to understand the lyrics. Even though the vocals are lamenting but accepting, the music contrasts these negative feelings, either providing a great contrast between the expressed and the inexpressible or providing better days to come throughout all the darkness that plagues the vocalist. Flowing strings evolve through nothingness through the vocals, ‘tear my world apart‘, before somber, hope filled melodies shields the listener out of the struggles of her broken past. As Julie mutters ‘fading pictures‘ the promise of a new day arises with highly emotional melodies washing over those who have lost a loved one and their promise of a new beginning, (which also coincidentally coincide with the release of their new record label), shows the vulnerability of those who wish to dream of bigger and brighter days ahead of them.

Allen & Envy‘s brand new single, Always, is out now as their first release on their new label, Together Recordings on Beatport, so make sure you head over and support these two great artists.


Keep the music alive. -Q