Since its inception, Firepower Records, has set out to demolish the typical restrictions of most prominent record labels and provide its rapidly growing roster of talented artists the opportunity to continually grow and release their music the way they see fit. To exemplify this idea even further, Firepower head honcho, Datsik will be releasing his forthcoming album, ‘Let It Burn’, two ways.

If you have a few bucks and want to support Datsik and Firepower you may pre-order now and purchase the LP on iTunes as usual for less than the cost of a number 6 combo at your favorite greasy fast food joint OR if you’re broke, like free shit or were planning on pirating it anyway you can now cop the album for FREE by simply filling out and submitting the form below..Either option should leave you feeling a little less greasy.

Earlier today, the first single of the release, ‘Let It Burn’ featuring Georgia Murray premiered on UKF, so make sure to give the track a listen and either pre-order your copy of the ‘Let It Burn’ LP here or sign up for your free download here. Either way, a free release of this caliber should be commended regardless of your decision on how you’d like to acquire it, so make sure to hop over and show Datsik your gratitude by at least giving him a like on Facebook, here.