With events such as HARD Summer, HARD Day Of The Dead, and Holy Ship!! Gary Richards still isn’t satisfied and he’s hungry for more. This year at Stereosonic, HARD will be having it’s own stage run by it’s CEO and founder Gary Richards, also known as Destructo. Gary Richards announced that HARD will be planning on returning to Australia in early 2014.

Richards told inthemix the other day:

 “We’re talking now about doing something in the spring – whether it’s a tour with me and a couple of guys or a HARD branded thing, we’re definitely talking about doing something for early 2014.”

It will be very interesting to see what Richards has in store. HARD is known for being extremely well produced and bringing in some of the biggest acts in the industry. If you havent seen what kind of production HARD puts out check out the after movies for Holy Ship!! and HARD Summer below!