The collaboration between arguably, two of the most well known artists in EDM, Skrillex and Boyz Noize who together make Dog Blood, has finally cleared its final hurdle. Just days before its intended release, Dog Blood‘s “Middle Finger Pt. 2” was delayed due to sample clearing issues. While it isn’t clear which samples had the issue, the following day, the EP leaked.

Fast forward to today, Dog Blood‘s sophmore release, Middle Finger Pt. 2 has been officially released on Beatport. Along with 2 new tracks, a “VIP” of Middle Finger, and 2 remixes by The M Machine, and Millions Like Us, the release proves that this dog has a bigger bite than bark. One of the more interesting tracks, Shred or Die, features Sonny aka Skrillex on the guitar with it being heavily distorted with a Heavy Metal sound and playing the hook while “Kill ’em with the beat” is heard as an anthem. Shred or Die, along with the remix of Kill the Noise’s Black Magic by Jonah Kay & Dead the Noise make two tracks that sound absolutely amazing with a guitar while maintaining that dark feeling.

But enough of that, you came for the music! Get your copy here, and listen below if you haven’t heard what’s on the Official Release.




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