Out today on Play Me Records, Cyberoptics‘ Soular LP has finally been released. A little over 2 years in the making, the LP contains some of the most hardest hitting Dubstep he has released to date. Not known for giving his fans any rest when his music is playing(Except for his release “Butter” that thing is an amazing work), Cyberoptics makes sure that every release is an accurate description of just how energetic and vicious he’s willing to become with his music. Teaming up over the past year or so, with other great artists such as  D-Jahsta, Current Value, Sub Antix, Mantis, and Truth, Soular uniquely stands out as a prime release in the Dubstep/Bass community.

I can absolutely contend to the opinion that when I look back in 5 years to see which releases stood out as a “verbatim” Dubstep release, Cyberoptics‘ Soular LP will stand very close to number 1.

Check out the 17 minute preview that was put together containing the tracks from the LP and be sure to pick your copy up here! 


(Remember if you like any of the tracks below, most of them can be found on his Soundcloud here!